Depending on how many babies my emperor scorpion has, I may have some to give away to people on here. 
Note: Please be experienced in taking care of scorpions/arachnids in general; at the very least, please read up and understand the kind of maintenance they require. You can’t just put them in any old environment and expect them to be comfortable. Likewise, I wouldn’t want anyone asking for them “just because they’re cool”/for the novelty factor.

With that out of the way,

My female emperor scorpion is having babies right now as I type this. I currently don’t know how many she’ll have but a safe guess is 12-20. 

If you want one, I could mail you one. If you live in the Chicago area, you could drive by and pick one up. $20 for a baby but I’m willing to go lower if you live closer/or are a friend.

Reblog this if you know anyone that may want one…? I guess..? If you want one yourself send me an ask, but my asks are kinda fucked up rn so I may not get it, more reliable if you email me at ribbonroach@gmail.com

info on emperor scorpions just incase:





**(also, i recommend heating pads that attach to the sides or bottom of the tank instead of a heat lamp if you live in a dry area, as the heat lamp could dry your scorpion out intensely) (also, try not to use tweezers upon picking your scorpion up, and make sure if you use tongs that they’re padded at the ends)

going to reblog this because as of right now i assume she has at least 10 or more. so i definitely need to find people who want any.

I want but but I live in Canada :(((((((((((( urg


a few pictures of Galena i snapped tonight. the last one has a little gnat in the corner.


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Yesterday was good.


The problem with the world is that I do not own every reptile. 



Hey everyone!

If you love adorable lizards like I do, I would definitely suggest checking out GrowingUpGuIt’s a blog about this handsome fellow, Romeo! He’s an Argentine black and white tegu and GrowingUpGu documents his growth and daily life!

Check them out! You wont be disappointed :D

Follow our favorite little baby tegu on Tumblr! Trust me, it’s too adorable to miss out on.

Holy crap, I’m trying to quit caffeine and I’m having the worst headaches I’ve ever had. I just want to put a blanket over my head and sleep until it’s over


Came across this bittersweet sight yesterday.

There are a bunch of small caves and cliffs around my creek and I usually check them out when I’m down there because I’ve found tons of bones in and around them in the past.

When I first saw this guy I thought he was alive and just hunkered down in the leaves but it soon became apparent that he had just found a nice quiet place to peacefully slip away some time ago. It was a sad sight but in a way it was actually sort of nice to see one that apparently died of natural causes unlike so many I’ve seen in the passed that were killed by vehicles, tractors, lawnmowers, or cruel people with bb guns.

This is another one of those finds that stayed where I found it. Not only are Eastern Box Turtles considered vulnerable by the IUCN* but this fellow just had a really peaceful vibe about him so I didn’t want to move him from his secluded little spot.

Eastern Box Turtles can live between 30-60 years with legends of some individuals living to be well over a hundred years old. I hope this fellow had a good, long life.

*I believe that here in TN at least it’s illegal to possess eastern box turtle parts but I’m waiting to hear back from a TWRA official on that.


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Who doesn’t?! I definitely need one 



I feel like 90% of bearded dragon ownership is looking over and your dragon is looking at you like this




The other ten percent is talking about poop.

A few more snaps of the thrift store viv-

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