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So, I have a question! I've been working on getting the money (and supplies) up for a snake. I had an idea though, do you (or any of your followers) know of any snake rescues? I was just thinking that, well, I might as well SAVE a snake that needs a home.

That’s a great plan! However, it really depends where you live! If you could tell us which state/ country you live in it would be much easier to narrow it down. Where I live, there are small rescues but nothing incredibly large!

I’m in absolute shock right now…


I was getting ready to feed my snakes when I realized something didn’t seem right… as my ratsnake was stretched out along the edge of his cage on his side so I checked, and he was dead… and then I noticed the ball python wasn’t striking at me like he does when he smells food… and he was dead…

They’re all dead except for my gopher snake.

It had to have happened last night, they were fine yesterday, they’re just… dead. I don’t know if the temperature somehow spiked in their cages or… what, the temperature is reading as normal now. A temperature spike is the only thing I can think of, because the gopher snake was in the lowest rack with the coolest temperature setting. I don’t want to think it was a result of the bug bomb that my ex-roommate set off a month ago without asking me in the garage (which led to me having to discard about a thousand dollars worth of supplies I had out there), but that’s the only other possible cause I can think of that would affect both colubrids and pythons, and they’re in the rack closest to the garage (they’re near a window which was cracked open at the time she set off the pesticides).

There were colubrids and ball pythons and now they’re all gone, including Marmalade my ten year old corn snake, and my rehabbed kingsnake… and my ball pythons and everyone’s just gone. 

I don’t know how to react or what to do. I’m just in shock.

This is horrible, I couldn’t imagine coming home to that. I’m sending tons of internet hugs, that’s a nightmare. I hope you can get some answers, there’s nothing worse. 


Even the brown snakes are still gemstones. (Photos of Jack, my male Cinnamon Ball Python)


Odin goes to the beach~



I’m posting up my litter of anery(anerythristic) kenyan sand boas for sale. All have had at least 3 meals with no refusals. Most are on live but I have a couple who have taken frozen. I’m asking $50 plus shipping (determined by your location) or $90 plus shipping a pair. I can sell locally in the Austin, TX area.

Please contact me at crystelland@gmail.com if interested and I will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to any questions

Part II of the babies available.  



Happy 2nd birthday, my dear.
Many more years to come.

Bringing the cuteness back

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 Brad () is back from his hiatus! 

Go give him some welcome back hugs, we’ve missed you Brad!

Snake tag drinking game




jennyrage gave me the idea for this, and I thought it would be funny to make one. So:

1 shot for every leucistic called an albino.
1 shot for every snake that’s called poisonous
1 shot for every harmless snake called deadly or venomous (2 shots if it’s an ETB or GTP)
2 shots for every photoshopped ETB/GTP
2 shots for every ETB called a GTP, or vice versa
2 shots for every ball python called a boa
2 shots for every time someone makes the “snakes are just tails with faces” joke

disclaimer: don’t actually do this i’m pretty sure it’s not safe

are you trying to kill me I hit at least 2-3 of these a day.

also 1 shot for every black snake called a black mamba

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