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Anonymous asked:
Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is egg cutting and why is it wrong? As far as I could tell it's cutting open eggs to prevent potential issues. It seems like this would be more of a case-by-case thing?


Egg cutting is the practice of slicing or snipping open the eggs of a reptile, typically a large constrictor. It is done for a variety of reasons, including checking on the condition of the developing embryo and helping the animal to hatch.

The problem is exactly that: cutting open the eggs to ‘prevent potential issues’. My argument is that the issues should be allowed to run their natural cycle. Weak, deformed or otherwise unfit babies should not be helped out, but should face that barrier on their own strength. It weeds out weak genetics that, in the wild, would not survive.

Because it is impossible to assess the state of the embryo prior to cutting the egg (except by candling, which, let’s face it, is pretty useless in the later stages of development), this cannot be a ‘case-by-case thing’.


He’s such a wee shy baby!


So, I never buy superworms because I have nothing that will eat them however, I’m currently taking care of my best friend’s ( fleshskeleton ) bearded dragon so I bought him some new feeders!

First of all, take a look at this completely white superworm! I believe this is what they look like after they’ve molted (shed their outer shell) and I’ve never seen one so that’s pretty cool. 

Then, I found two beetles in the lot, also pretty awesome. If you didn’t know, this is the fourth and last stage of a superworms’s life. So, if you do keep superworms as feeders and you suddenly see these random beetles that’s okay! It’s just the next stage of their lives and if you’re lucky, they may just breed and you’ll have a colony! 


If you would like to learn more about superworms and their life cycles, click here!


Dumat and Lancelot tied, so I did both! Complete with a hand and a selfie for some size reference on these two.

I now have a backyard for backyard photos oh my god life is beautiful



Drew a couple more geks yesterday and lined them today
First one is referenced from another one of drawing-to-run's geckos
Second is referenced from one of risque-de-chute's babies!

Look how awesome this is! :DD


When Pringle was younger he always used to attack this one blanket of mine. It had leaves stitched onto it and sometimes he would try and eat them off.