Titicaca Water Frog (Telmatobius culeus)

Also known as the Andean frog or Crawford’s water frog, the Titicaca water frog is a large species of frog found only in Lake Titicaca and its rivers in South America. Like other frogs the titicaca water frog feeds mostly on small fish, insects and other small invertebrates. The Titicaca water frog has excessive skin which is an adaptation for high altitude living as the excess skin helps it breathe, as more oxygen can diffuse in. It also possesses reduced lungs, a high red blood cell count and smaller red blood cells to help it breathe in its low oxygen environment. 



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Seriously, Wikipedia?

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This is why I don’t want my students citing Wikipedia. Yes, everyone might be thinking it. Yes, it might even be accurate. 

But is that really the most pertinent information?


My internet connection was not cooperating  so I drew some gemstone spiders instead. I´ve been sort of obsessed with learning how to draw shiny surfaces and these were fun to make



From top to bottom we have Jojo the crested gecko, then Ashanti, Romo and Valentine the Ball Pythons. :)

xxxtheherpfreakxxx asked:
*handing holding pencil thingy* You should draw your snake sausage on ms paint. As much detail as you can manage. This is gonna be great. *opens popcorn*


I went a little overboard




Brazilian Rainbow Boa: Calico

This is the same snake:

first picture was taken in 2007, the second in 2012