Pinocchio Rainfrog (Pristimantis appendiculatus)

Santa Lucia, Ecuador


efficient sheds, anyone?



Calling her Rotem for she is an angry beast, but she is calm.

Picked this girl up today. Weighing in at 26 grams, she’s been one of those snakes I’ve been dying to get my hands on. A baby female CBB white lipped python!!

Already she is so amazingly curious. Not so afraid as wanting to investigate things. She was bolder than her other siblings available, I’m glad I chose her. :)

Leiopython albertisii

AHHH you got one!  Congrats!  ALL THE PICS!


My corn snake Samson.


Hey everyone! 

I’m not sure if you already know, but I run a small-scale (harhar) reptile rescue where I take in several small animals. Most of the time, when an animal has been surrendered to me, he or she will come with a variety of vivarium deco that I don’t need. So, I’ve decided to share these items with you and make a give away! 

Since there are so many items that I wish to share, I will be making five packages that five different people can win! 

The Rules:

-No give away blogs

-You must be following Reptiglo

-You must be 18+

-Feel free to reblog it as much as you like, just make sure not to annoy your followers!

-You must be comfortable with giving me your address (how else am I going to send you this awesome stuff?!)

-Only reblogs count, please state your order of preference when you reblog this post so I know which package you would prefer to win the most.

example: I would like package 3, 2, 1! 

If you don’t specify this and you win, you will be given whatever is left after taking in the preferences of the other 4 people. 

-This giveaway will end on October 23rd, 2014, if you win I will notify you via ask box (make sure yours is open) you will have 24 hours to message me back or I will pick another winner!

Please click this link to view the packages you can win, I didn’t want to make this post long so I’ve split it into two.

Remember to reblog THIS POST, not the post describing the items up for grabs.

Good luck!


Cooper wishes everyone a very happy Halloween!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone :)
Anonymous asked:
My crestie doesn't show any interest in his mealworms (I'm going to get dubia for him once I get my next paycheck). Anything I can do to make him eat them or should I just wait and see if he's more interested in the roaches?

Here are some tips:

-feed at night time

-wiggle the prey around, some cresties aren’t interested in food that isn’t active

-make sure the prey is dusted 

-try different types of prey, sometimes they may just not be interested

Overall, just try something that will move you will most likely have success with the roaches!

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you think I could use the general steps of your vivarium tutorial to make a hide/partial background for my tank? (I don't have a scaley friend yet, but I'm having fun with my tank and collecting things for it.) If so, how would you modify it? Since I'm just starting with herps, I think a full vivarium would be a bit much. :)

Yup! People use the greatstuff/ grout/ silicone method to make a large variety of decor! 

If you check out this link to another ask I’ve answered, I’ve supplied that anon with several links on how to make smaller-scale (har har) projects! You should be able to use one of those methods! If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask!