New Project:

Building a naturalistic enclosure (without plants) for a corn snake…this shall be interesting.


Akasha out exploring pre-shed.


Azazel in the sun.



The Brain Scoop:
Crocodiles vs. Alligators 

The order Crocodilia belongs to an ancient group of reptiles that began evolving 83.5 million years ago. To think that such animals can exist largely unchanged for literally millions of years is fascinating and humbling; it’s remarkable to think that such lifeforms can exist within changing environments and continue to persevere. 

This episode was produced, filmed, and edited by Tom McNamara, a new addition to The Brain Scoop’s team. We’re thrilled to have him working with us! He didn’t even pay me much to say that.

An accurate and entertaining explanation to a common question. Plus, Emily Graslie is awesome sauce. The end.

Great video-


I’ve named her Popcorn. She reminds me of a bowl of delicious buttery popcorn.

What a great name for such a beautiful snake, congrats!


Potato did not appreciate being held after a big meal.

Aw, so chubby— I think I`m in love!


Vietnamese Mossy Frog

They are known to be ventriloquists, as they can “throw” their voices. To complete its disguise as inanimate vegetation, it tucks in its limbs and “plays dead” when startled. As you can see from photos, no two mossy frogs ever look exactly the same.