Spotlight Saturdays! 

Crestie Co. — located in the UK (Warwickshire)

What they specialise in: High-end crested geckos with a focus on Halloween pinstripes, tricolours, tricolour blondes and have started working on a peaches ‘n cream project. On the side from their gorgeous crested geckos they also breed red & orange striped gargoyle geckos, PI and Mainland chewies and in the near future leachies.

How they started out:  Roughly seven years ago they started out with just two crested geckos; Splodge and Elmo. These two were quite addictive (as did the whole genus which has been split up and re-classified) and now they have over forty breeding individuals that produce stunning babies every year.

Why they started their company: They decided to move to the next step and start selling their babies because their line of Halloween pinstripe crested geckos proved to be extremely popular  (such as pumpkin in the above photos).

Future plans: Currently they are growing their gecko family and in the planning process to create a larger gecko room which will leave a lot of new space for extending their breeding lines and exploring with new projects!

If you are interested in their animals or particular morphs you can contact them through their website or their facebook page.

If you or someone you know have an interest in being part of our Spotlight Saturdays, send a message here. We are looking for small breeders or new companies to fill our slots and spread their names!

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Posted on Saturday, 2 November
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